Who is the Sketch Tour for and do I need to be an artist and/or have drawing experience?

The sketch tour is for anyone. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY, we really mean that.
Anyone can learn simple techniques for keeping a sketchbook journal to remember your time traveling and creating personal memories. Our artists are not only great at what they do, but also love working with people and sharing their knowledge and will guide you in working in your sketchbook in a way that is fun and effortless for you.
Artists and architects often join our sketch tours as well. The exercises we do together are designed to be appropriate for all skill levels. Working together provides the unique opportunity to build on your current skill level as well as hopefully offering new and fun ways of working in your sketchbook.

Is the SketchingKIT included?

Yes, the handmade SketchingKIT supports you with a special Sketchbook, Brushes, Fineliner and Watercolors. You don’t need to buy supplies, just come as you are!

And of course you take the SketchingKIT with your creative memories with you – and show your sketches to your friends & family!

How long does a tour last?

A Sketching Tour lasts 3 hours.

Where is the tour?

We offer three different tours:

  1. Berlin Mitte
  2. Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
  3. Berlin Kreuzberg

How does it work?

We will meet in a small group together with your sketching tour leader in a place near a U-Bahn. From there we get to know each other a bit and then you will get your handmade sketching kit. For the next 3 hours you will be led through simple and fun exercises in pencil, pen and watercolor in order to learn a fun and easy way to keep your own sketchbook journal.

We work from observation, sketching our surroundings as best we can from life. Your sketch tour leader will give you input and feedback throughout the tour and you will gleen lots from your fellow participants. By the end of your 3 hours you will feel more confident and motivated to work outdoors sketching the moments and places that are important for you to capture.

What do I need to bring?

We provide all of your materials and small folding stools for you to use for sitting during the sketch tour. You may want to bring a bottle of water, sunglasses or hat for the sun, a camera if you want to photograph the experience and just an open and fun attitude for our time together. Everything else will be provided.

How many people will be on my sketching tour with me?

There will never be more than 6 people on a tour per sketch tour leader. If you arrange for a larger group, we will have 1 leader per every 6 people.

What if it rains the day of our sketching tour?

If rain is predicted the day of your sketching tour, someone will contact you up to 24 hours in advance to see if you are flexible to change either the time or date. If your schedule does not permit any changes, we will suggest an alternative meeting location which is protected from the rain and agree to meet there.

I need to change the date and/or number of people at the last minute, how can I do that?

You can simply contact us and tell us your name and date of your scheduled tour and when you would like to change it to. We do need 24 hours advanced notice to do this.

Can I bring my family or children?

Yes you can! The sketch tour is made for everyone including children. As a note we do encourage drawing from observation which can be fun and challenging for smaller children. This is the perfect activity for families of all sizes. We recommend the sketch tour for children ages 5 and up.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a 3 hour Sketching Tour is € 65 if paid in cash on the day of your tour or € 55 via PayPal if paid in advance per person. This includes 3 hours spent working with a sketching tutor and a sketch kit which is yours to keep and take with you.

Can I pay in cash the day of my tour or do I have to pay online in advance?

You can pay either way. When you book your tour you have the option to pay immediately using Paypal or to pay in cash the day you participate in the tour.

Can I organize a private group tour for my friends/family/school?

Yes, with a group as small as 3 people you can contact us to work in a private group which can be led in specific techniques or materials depending on your needs.

Are there group discounts?

Yes. We can provide a discount for groups of 4+ people. Please contact us for group discount inquiries

Can I request a special focus tour?

Yes of course! Since you will only work with full-time professional artists based in Rome, we are happy to work with you on a specific aspect of sketching such as just watercolors, pen or pencil drawing and can provide materials accordingly.

Can I work privately with a sketch tour leader?

Yes. You can request to work with a specific sketch tour leader or we can choose which one would work best with you depending on your needs. The cost for a private tour is $160 and includes all materials and the undivided attention of your sketch tour leader for your 3 hours working together.

I’m a professional artist or group of artists, can you organize a special itinerary for me/us?

Yes, in fact this is so much fun for us! Since we are plein air painters and active members of the Rome Urban Sketchers community, we know all of the best sketching places in town. Contact us if you would like to work together in creating a sketching itinerary based on theme (architecture, churches, parks, landscapes, monuments, etc).

What if I have another question that you have not answered?

Just drop us a line and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to get your questions answered.

Do you have any more questions? Please sent me a mail!