Your SketchingKIT

Created to give you, even if you never draw, a playful & easy start of  your travel sketchbook. You don’t need any artistic experience to start playfully and simply with your Berlin travel diary.
The SketchingKIT is included in every tour. So you don’t have to buy anything, we bring everything for you.

  • No more fear of the blank page
  • step by step to your first sketch
  • Get to know your watercolours

The SketchingKIT consists of

  • The original, handmade “SketchingBERLIN Sketchbook”, 6 high quality 300 gsm watercolor paper pages
  • 17 cm hight x 25 cm width
  • 6 high quality Watercolors (e.g. Schmincke, Winsor & Newton)
  • 1 WaterBrush
  • 1 Pencil & Eraser
  • 1 FineLiner 0.5 mm

Join us with your friends & family

october 2019

I am on a painting trip or workshop! Sketching Tour on request. Please contact me: